From investing billions each year into making local economies thrive, to safeguarding and caring for the elderly and vulnerable, to providing frontline services for 26million people, Your County Matters

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From investing £4.2bn in local infrastructure, to safeguarding over 150,000 vulnerable children, to leading the transformation of frontline public services, Your County Matters. 


With over 2,600 Councillors representing their local communities, England’s 37 county and county unitary authorities deliver the services that matter most to local communities: from care services for the elderly, maintaining local roads, supporting local growth by creating infrastructure and providing quality school places.


But our English counties don’t receive a fair deal. At a time when all local authority budgets have been cut, our counties are the lowest funded councils and face rising pressures and complexity in providing public services in rural locations.


Rural areas are also missing out on the opportunities presented by devolution, with the majority of counties currently not benefiting from devolved powers and funding.  


Yet despite counties being the lowest funded local authorities, and having to withstand an unprecedented efficiency drive since 2010, they have still managed to maintain high-quality public services.


Counties are the geographies and structures best placed to carry out the Government's localism agenda post Brexit, as well as its domestic economic policies.


Their size and scale is crucial in leading infrastructure development that spearheads private investment, growth, and prosperity to our areas, and counties are the bodies that can deliver genuine devolution and service transformation.


CCN's latest report, A New Deal for Counties: Our Plan for Government, calls for a new deal for counties from government, rooted in fairer funding for rural services. In return, counties can help solve some of the biggest domestic and social challenges over the next few years. Download it here.


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Counties Matter

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2,635 county councillors nationwide

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County authorities cover 86% of England's landmass, over 44,000 sq miles

They represent 26 million people

Each councillor, on average, is responsible for 8,000 electors and 48 miles of road

Counties are responsible for 90% of spend on local services in two-tier areas

The average county spends just 2% of its budget on support costs

County economies account for 41% of England's GVA, £600bn

Counties contain 52% of the country's jobs in manufacturing, construction, & motor trades

They invested £4.2bn into local infrastructure last year

Responsible for 93% of growth-related spend in two-tier areas

Home to the highest rates of new business start-ups

Counties maintain 70% of local roads

Home to 55% of England's over 65s

Responsible for 47% of all local government expenditure on adult social care last year, £6.6bn

Protected 150,000 vulnerable children last year

Responsible for 38% of all local government expenditure on

Children's Services

89% of local authority-overseen schools rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding'

Counties deliver the highest proportion of first-choice school places for families; 91.2% last year

The County Councils Network is a network of 37 county councils and county unitary local authorities, which serve rural England. The CCN is an influential cross-party organisation whose views represent a large proportion of the country outside the major urban areas. Its 37 members are represented by over 2,600 councillors, serving 25million people.


CCN is a member led organisation, and works on an inclusive and all party basis, with its council and committees including cross-party councillors and each of its member authorities. Find out more about CCN by clicking here.

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