From investing billions each year into making local economies thrive, to safeguarding and caring for the elderly and vulnerable, to providing frontline services for 26million people, Your County Matters

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Welcome to the new microsite from the County Councils Network, designed to illustrate why county councils and county unitaries are so important to millions of people.


With over 2,600 Councillors representing their local communities, England’s 37 county authorities deliver the services that matter most to local communities: from care services for the elderly, maintaining local roads, supporting local growth and providing quality school places.


Put simply, Your County Matters: from investing £4.2bn in local infrastructure, to safeguarding over 150,000 vulnerable children, to leading the transformation of frontline public services, they deliver the majority of services relied on by residents outside of the major cities.


County areas are the lifeblood of England; covering 86% of its landmass and almost half of its population: they are part of our shared national identity and are the cultural heartbeat of the country.


But they are not without huge challenges. As the lowest-funded local authorities, counties do not recieve a fair funding deal, while their potential is not being fully realised to drive economic growth and devolution.


Since the general election, CCN has published its latest report, Our Plan for Government: A New Deal for Counties. The document, which outlines CCN's policy proposals over the coming years, urges the government to deliver a new deal for county areas: farirer funding for those rural authorities, a new phase of county devolution, and a prominent place for county economies in the Industrial Strategy.

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